Assessments & CIO Services

Our team of CIO Consultants are technology-agnostic, business-savvy professionals who are exceptionally skilled at aligning IT strategy with business goals. While they are steeped in technology and perfectly capable of getting into the weeds with the most specialized software packages, they also have advanced degrees in management and psychology and use that background to build consensus and get teams excited about adopting new technologies. The outcome of engaging with our Consultants is best stated by a client of ours: “Before, our team would gather and say ‘it would be great if we could…’ but now we can. There is an increased organizational confidence in our technology which impacts the psychology of our team.”
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CIO Services - Optimal Network
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Our support model is designed to provide our clients with a steady diet of thoughtful, proactive guidance. Our Engineers always look for opportunities for improvement during their prescheduled visits, and our Client Success Managers regularly review your business needs and how we can facilitate them. While this is enough for many organizations, some need an extra layer of executive-level strategic direction to truly thrive. This is where our CIO Consultants come in.

Strategic Assessments

Through business-level interviews and deep technical exploration, our Consultants establish a baseline for your IT systems and support. From there, our team performs a best-practice gap analysis to identify areas at odds with best practices, and opportunities for improvement. Our final product includes a high-level strategic vision, a multi-year prioritized roadmap, detailed recommendations, and budgetary information for near-term initiatives.
All of our client engagements begin with this deep dive. We can also perform these assessments as a one-time project; since our recommendations are objective, any competent team can implement.
Strategic Assessments - Optimal Network
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Get Strategic IT Support - Optimal Network
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Fractional CIO Consulting

Our Consultants can also serve as a part-time outsourced Chief Information Officer for your organization. Many small to mid-sized firms and associations don’t have the budget for a full-time CIO, but are contending with complex compliance regulations, security requirements, growth plans, mobility needs, software inefficiencies, technology training and adoption challenges, and more.
Our Consultants have decades of experience aligning business needs with the right technology solutions, and operate as an extension of your executive team—without the executive salary.

Specialized Projects

Do you need to identify and implement a better document management system for your law firm? To reach a specific CMMC certification level to continue consulting for the government? To build and enforce cybersecurity policies that take today’s hybrid work environment into account? To dig into whether staff or client frustration with your technology is a matter of the technology platform itself, its configuration, or training? Our Consultants have solved all of these problems and more.
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