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Premium Managed IT Services for Law Firms

Law firms are not like other businesses. Not only are you under intense pressure to meet deadlines–you’re also under pressure to meet ever-increasing demands from your partners, your clients, and your peers. You’re competing with other firms for top talent and with online services for business. You’re a top target for cybercriminals. You’re out billable revenue every time your systems falter. You’re in a space that, for all these reasons, can easily see technology as something to be feared and rejected.

It’s time for a premium experience–one that transforms technological headaches into your competitive advantage.

Optimal Networks Managed IT Services

After three decades serving the Washington, DC legal community, partnering with our local Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), and serving as CLE instructors for the American Bar Association (ABA), we’ve gained deep insight into the unique needs and priorities of your industry and what that means for technology providers like us. We provide the following solutions to Legal organizations based in the DC Metro area:

How does your IT stack up against top-performing firms?

Our Service Priorities

Our process revolves around the principles of alignment, accountability, and doing right by our clients above all else. We won’t lose sight of your goals, and you won’t lose sight of our progress. Our engagement is a partnership where we are here to support and facilitate your success.
With your systems running smoothly and your team empowered to work effectively, we shift our gaze forward. Are there efficiencies to be gained that would delight your associates? Technology trends that you could flip into a new practice area? Let’s optimize your system for the future.
Throughout our journey together you will have access to a friendly, patient, solution-oriented team that is dedicated to your success and knows your firm inside and out. We match this promise with ongoing metrics to stay accountable to our shared definition of success.
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Minimize Risk with SMARTswitch

We know how stressful switching IT providers can be. So we designed a program that makes it simple: SMARTswitch. Not only does our approach help mitigate risk by proactively identifying hurdles–it accelerates meaningful improvements by producing a tailored technology roadmap that is rooted in a deep understanding of your challenges and priorities. We take great care to lay the foundation for a premium support experience for your attorneys and staff who are often coming out of a frustrating situation. And our comprehensive exploration strategically aligns our partnership from the very start.

Not Ready to Switch?

Some firms we talk to suspect their technology systems and support could be better, but they don’t have the time or the expertise to delve into how. In other cases, Firm Administrators know full well that a change is in order but they need an objective third-party report to take to their partners. In either of these cases, our Technology Assessments might make sense as a next step. 

The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change

Written by Optimal Founder & CEO Heinan Landa, this book is your comprehensive, actionable roadmap for navigating this new landscape.

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