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Top 5 IT Budgeting Pitfalls – What not to overlook

It’s not easy to build an IT budget that is both accurate and agile. Between all the different vendor contract terms, pricing structures, support expiration dates, license renewals, hardware upgrades, and infrastructure changes, it’s hard enough to not overlook a key investment – and that’s just the beginning! Over our

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MSP vs. MSSP vs. CISO – Who is responsible for cybersecurity?

Between the volume of abbreviations in technology and the scope of cybersecurity, it’s easy to lose track of who is responsible for what when it comes to keeping your data protected and your reputation intact. As is the nature of leadership, your organization’s top executive (CEO, ED, etc.) is ultimately

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The Executive’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

There’s a lot of talk around Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days, and sentiments range from curiosity to outright fear. The complexity and implications of this technology is already plenty to wrestle with on a personal level. For business leaders, the uncertainty is amplified. Consider the recent stir about the Zoom

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Scam Tactics You Need to Know

We’ve reached another inflection point in the ongoing evolution of cybersecurity. For years and years IT service providers like us have been talking about how pivotal employee education is to your organization’s security. This defensive measure has become so fundamental that we include it as part and parcel of our

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Grow Law Firm Podcast: De-Risking Your Firm

This February Heinan was invited to join Sasha Berson and the Grow Law Firm Podcast. Heinan shares how rewarding it is for law firms to embrace technology and the growing importance of taking care of the security side of the business. Topics include: The technology operational maturity model Heinan shares

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