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Master Employee Onboarding with Thoughtful IT: Top 6 Tips

Prefer to absorb content through webinars? Register for our session with UST Education on March 6th Picture this: You’ve found the perfect hire for your organization. The hiring process went smoothly, you’re excited for them to join the team, and they’re excited to get started. Their start date rolls around

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Hybrid Work Revisited: Where we are EOY 2023

It’s been a few years since we found ourselves in a sprint to help our clients work effectively from home during the 2020 COVID quarantine. We put out loads of articles and webinars and podcasts and TV segments on working remotely, and then on the challenges and benefits of hybrid

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3 Ways Your Technology is Annoying Your Clients

Law firms and consulting firms are in a position you might call unfair: your clients expect you to be masters of your craft and also of technology. Take these three scenarios for example: In all of these cases you do in fact offer world-class expertise. But is your client thrilled?

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Top 5 IT Budgeting Pitfalls – What not to overlook

It’s not easy to build an IT budget that is both accurate and agile. Between all the different vendor contract terms, pricing structures, support expiration dates, license renewals, hardware upgrades, and infrastructure changes, it’s hard enough to not overlook a key investment – and that’s just the beginning! Over our

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MSP vs. MSSP vs. CISO – Who is responsible for cybersecurity?

Between the volume of abbreviations in technology and the scope of cybersecurity, it’s easy to lose track of who is responsible for what when it comes to keeping your data protected and your reputation intact. As is the nature of leadership, your organization’s top executive (CEO, ED, etc.) is ultimately

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