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Premium IT Management For Consulting Firms

Your clients hire you for your expertise. Whether you serve law firms, government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, or individuals, the value you provide to those clients is in the knowledge your firm has acquired and compiled from every consultant over all your years in business. This means that the ability to easily store, access, and collaborate on deliverables is paramount to your success as a firm. In some cases, these deliverables are also highly sensitive and subject to various security frameworks that you or your clients are held to (HIPAA, CMMC, or otherwise). That leaves your firm with the delicate and complex task of balancing security controls with ease of use. Protecting your firm is paramount, it is essential to find the right partner.

Optimal Networks IT Services

We solve the problems unique to firms like yours, and get buy-in across your company. All the while our services keep your mission-critical data safe and accessible, eliminate technology headaches for your staff and consultants, maximize flexibility (while maintaining security) in the age of hybrid work, minimize the threat of costly downtime, and liberate you to focus on serving your clients. Our full suite of services for consulting firms include:

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Our Service Priorities

You have a friendly, patient, solution-oriented team behind you. Our approach revolves around the principles of alignment, accountability and going the extra mile. We won’t lose sight of your goals, and you won’t lose sight of our progress together.
Our service model bakes in regular business-level discussions with your executives. You’ll have a team of expert strategists at your disposal to guide complex, C-suite initiatives. Trust us to give you the big picture and the roadmap to make it happen.
We are always looking ahead for you. Are there efficiencies to be gained that would delight your staff and clients alike? Are there tools that could give your firm a competitive advantage? Nothing makes us happier than advancing your business goals.
We’ve been in this business since 1991, were among the first to offer managed services, and helped clients into the cloud before most people even knew what it was. With global rankings surpassed only by workplace awards, you’re in good hands. Don’t take it just from us, see for yourself.
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Rebuild Trust in IT with SMARTswitch

We know how challenging switching IT providers can be. So we designed a custom program that makes it simple: SMARTswitch. Not only does our approach help mitigate risk by proactively identifying potential hurdles–it accelerates meaningful system improvements by producing a tailored technology roadmap that is rooted in a deep understanding of your challenges and priorities. We take great care to lay the foundation for a positive, premium support experience for your staff who are often coming out of a frustrating situation. And we do a comprehensive exploration of your environment, your technology maturity, and your business goals to strategically align our partnership from the very start.

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