Strategic Guidance

Evans Consulting, a boutique consulting firm committed to co-creating healthy organizations where everyone can thrive, has been an Optimal client since 2017. Here’s what Richard Hudson, Director of Operations, has to say about our partnership.
“The previous folks we worked with were more of a help desk. They weren’t particularly proactive in identifying new technologies and trends. If someone had a problem, you phone them and basically they fixed it, but they weren’t particularly forward-looking. And we just felt the current technology we have, isn’t going to support us in 2025. And that was a natural link to call in Optimal and ask, do you do technology assessments?
Chris interviewed probably 15-20, all of our leadership team and most of the people that have critical roles in the organization engaging in technology. Where is the organization going? And what do you look for from a business point of view in terms of technology enabling you to support the strategy? There were a number of high level themes, which is why I liked the structure of the plan.
Then there was a very distinct timeline in terms of you need to do these things in the next 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months. So we laid out a plan of what he saw the priorities for us to implement. And then the back end of the document was real detailed elements of technical implementations.
But the themes and the timeline is what the leadership team were most fascinated by. It was a great partnership. We worked very well. Chris was very flexible. He was very responsive. He was very open. It’s a good partnership and I enjoy working with the team.”

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