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Client Success Story

When the American Association of Colleges and Universities unexpectedly lost their internal IT resources, they planned to outsource support for a few months while they hired new staff. Here’s why they decided to partner with us for the long haul.  

We Know Associations

Professional and trade associations don’t operate like for-profit businesses do. We’ve served the technology needs of associations and nonprofits in the DC area for over three decades, and over that time we’ve come to understand what matters to you. You are dedicated to your mission, and any “small” issue that impacts your ability to serve your members is not a small issue at all—it’s one you need treated with urgency and care. 


And while in a perfect world you would gladly embrace any technology solution that advances your cause, you must stick closely to the budget and priorities approved by your board.

More than anything, your association is under pressure to provide tangible value to your members and to be highly responsive to their needs from anywhere. You’re also obligated to keep any and all information you collect from them safe from ever-increasing cyber threats.

Because we understand these challenges, we also know how to eliminate them—and how to get buy-in from your staff and board alike. Take a look at our process below to see what we mean.

Our Solutions

Moving Associations Forward

In today’s world of remote and hybrid work, technology is central to every association’s ability to properly service, delight, and grow its membership. And as The Great Resignation has shown us, a flexible work environment is also crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.
This is why our process, from day one, revolves around the principles of alignment and accountability. We won’t lose sight of your goals, and you won’t lose sight of our progress. Our engagement is a partnership, and we’re in it together.

We Assess Associations

We kick our new client engagements off with a comprehensive assessment of your technology environment, your mission and goals, and how the two align. Through business-level interviews with a cross-section of your team, network exploration, and a gap analysis based on best practices for associations like yours, our CIO Consultants craft a plain-English report detailing our recommendations—including a prioritized IT Roadmap to guide our partnership.
This gets both of our teams squarely on the same page as far as what “success” looks like, and provides clear, defined milestones to which you can hold us accountable.

We Support Associations

Now that we understand your systems, your mission, and what matters to you, we get started with support. To us, “support” means keeping your member data—and your reputation—safe, eliminating technology headaches for your staff, maximizing flexibility (while maintaining security) in the age of hybrid work, minimizing the threat of downtime, and liberating you to focus on serving and growing your membership.
You have a friendly, patient, solution-oriented team behind you. And with ongoing metrics and feedback to measure performance, our relationship stays on track.

We Advance Associations

With your systems running smoothly and your team empowered to work effectively, we can shift our gaze forward. Are there efficiencies to be gained that would delight your staff and members alike? Are there tools to consider that will improve engagement both internally and externally? Are there technology trends on the horizon that you could harness for the benefit of your membership?
Nothing makes us happier than making quantifiable forward progress toward advancing your mission.

We’ve Got You Secured.

It takes just a few minutes to know if hybrid work has exposed vulnerabilities in your organization.