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Your data might not be secure, which leaves the door open to a cyberattack that could damage your reputation irreparably.

Instead of dedicating their time to advancing your mission, your CFO, COO, or other executive seems to spend all day watching over your technical resources.

Your organization isn’t able to collaborate and communicate effectively, or to support remote and mobile workers well, which makes it difficult for you to appeal to Millennials as members and employees.

We can’t solve every problem that trade and professional associations have. Here are a few challenges that we are especially skilled at tackling. Do any of these sound familiar?

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Many of our association clients are getting more questions from their members about the steps the organization is taking to keep personal data safe. This makes sense – threats continue to evolve, and your members know that it’s a matter of if, not when you experience a breach.

Take our quick self-assessment to see how your association’s defenses stack up. If you have gaps, we can help.


Are We the Right Fit?

We’re not the best match for all associations. See if our approach resonates with you.