About Optimal Networks

The Premium Provider of IT Services for Law Firms, Associations, and Consulting Firms

Our Story

Back in 1991 our founder, Heinan Landa, did something kind of crazy. He stole a vacant office from his parents, hung up a self-constructed dot-matrix-printed banner that read “Optimal Networks,” and called himself a business owner. His plan was to build an IT company that would not only provide its clients with premium service, but would have serious fun doing so.


What Makes Us Different

Your IT team needs to solve issues quickly and painlessly. Our services take this baseline support to the next level. To partner with us is to rest assured that no problem is too small or too large to tackle, and that we’re always here to help you work better.
Proactive service demands procedures to prevent issues before they affect your operations. Our prescheduled engineering visits, regular business reviews, security awareness training, and project methodology are just a few of these procedures.
At the highest level is strategic guidance to continually move your technology forward in alignment with your business goals, evolving security needs, and industry best practices. Our CIO services do just this.

Our Business Philosophy: Tell the truth, do the right thing, and make sure everyone benefits.

Why Optimal Networks

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