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A compilation of resources on how to telework comfortably, securely, and productively.

Teleworking Safely and Securely During Coronavirus

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Top Tips from Veteran Teleworkers

(1) Find a way to literally get your entire team on the same page, and (2) try not to interrupt each other.

Bob Corlett, President of Staffing Advisors, Teleworking for 18 years

(1) Keep your morning routine (no pajamas!), and (2) stay engaged with your coworkers.

Joe Hodge, Director of Finance and Administration, Teleworking for 4 years

(1) Set up a dedicated workspace and treat that space as an office, and (2) set up a schedule and adhere to it as much as possible.

Tamaira Brown, Zirtual Virtual Assistant, Teleworking for 9 years

(1) Have a place in your home that is exclusively for work, and (2) have a routine to get organized and focused every morning.

Jennifer Fisher, SupportCenter Team Lead, Teleworking for 5 years

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