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Evolution of Cybersecurity: How to hurdle an ever-rising bar

As much as we’d all like to take a set-and-forget approach to cybersecurity, hacking has become its own evolving enterprise.

As we make continual improvements to our defenses, bad actors respond tirelessly with innovative techniques to bypass them.

In this 30-minute technology trend session we’ll cover:

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Security Awareness Training for Law Firms

When it comes to protecting your privileged client data, leaving any stone unturned can expose your law firm to significant risk.

In this 50-minute webinar recording, we’ll walk you through:

This video is intended for a non-technical audience, and can serve as introductory security awareness training for all of your attorneys and staff.


When your systems get hacked, you could lose critical company data, be exposed to legal risks, suffer damage to your reputation, and worse.

How do your current security measures stack up against best practices? Our assessment will evaluate the key elements of a proper security strategy:

Find your baseline reading in under 30 minutes.

We hold regular webinars on cybersecurity, tech trends, and more. Join us!

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Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Where do your current security measures fall on a scale from “Good” to “Dangerous”? Our self-assessment will help give you a good idea.

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Office Move Checklist

We’ll run you through all the questions you need to be asking during your move project, along with our recommendations regarding cabling, furniture, etc.

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Software Selection Checklist

Choosing a software solution is an incredibly intricate process. Not only that, but selecting the right software is critical to the success of your organization. We’ll break down the key elements of your selection process here.

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IT Vendor Proposal Checklist

You can learn a lot about a provider by their proposal documents — if you know where to look. Our checklist will help you with that.

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Network Security Checklist

What are best practices when it comes to network security? Are you on the right path to keeping your data out of the wrong hands? Our checklist will break it down.

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Technical Re-Entry Checklist

Re-entry and hybrid work demands a level of technological agility that many firms are not fully equipped to provide or support. Use our checklist to maintain security, productivity, and billability.

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