Technology Management

Back in 1991 when Optimal was founded, “technology management” meant sending a network engineer to your office to switch out your backup tapes and put eyes on the servers in your LAN room. Today, and especially with the advent of the pandemic, technology management means everything from protecting workstations and mobile devices, to backing up cloud applications, to providing 24/7 remote support, to training your team how to avoid social engineering scams, to offering ongoing technology recommendations, to keeping tabs on your business objectives and matching the right technology to your trajectory. Our flagship, comprehensive support service combines these responsive and proactive support elements for a predictable fixed investment each month.
Optimal Network - Technology Management
Optimal Network - Technology Management
Our Process at Optimal Network
At our core, we are a service organization. Our people are friendly, patient, and passionate about solving problems. We won’t talk in tech jargon, and we won’t make you feel silly for asking us for help—that’s what we’re here for. We also understand that most new clients are coming out of a bad experience with their previous partner, and that trusting a new provider is difficult. It’s this commitment to ego-free, empathetic partnership that underpins our approach to technology management.

Stress-Free Support

Your team needs reliable, responsive support to get them back to work quickly when they encounter a technology issue. Our support specialists provide efficient and thorough assistance that consistently gets rave reviews from our clients. In the rare event they can’t solve a problem remotely, we’ll deploy an engineer to your office to put hands directly on the issue at no additional cost to you.
We of course also have centralized monitoring and alerting software to keep your equipment protected and up-to-date with the latest security patches.


Stress Free Support - Optimal Network
Stay up-to-date With the Latest Security Patches
Stay up-to-date With the Latest Security Patches


Get Proactive Guidance with Optimal Network

Proactive Guidance

Besides fixing what breaks, we also build in several proactive elements to minimize the number of issues that will affect your team in the first place. Our engineers have prescheduled visits (either on-site or remote) with our clients every month to perform health checks, catch trends that might indicate a brewing problem, and offer forward-looking recommendations based on best practices for your industry and your unique priorities.
Our Client Success Managers stay in tune with your business goals over coming months and how we can help. And our curated security awareness training program keeps your team ahead of the latest threats.

Accountability & Results

We love feedback almost as much as we love measurable business results. Our service model has multiple avenues for “quality assurance” including regular check-in calls, a 4-star rating system for issues we resolve, quarterly business reviews, project success criteria, and annual surveys. Whether we’re asking you to rate your engineering visit on a scale of 1-10 or surveying your team about confidence in their technology and our support, our goal is to be held accountable (by your team and ours) to the results that matter to you.


Accountability Results


We’ve Got You Secured.

It takes just a few minutes to know if hybrid work has exposed vulnerabilities in your organization.