Law Firm Tech Maturity

You learn a lot in 30 years. One thing that has become quite clear to us over three decades is how a law firm looks and feels when it’s operating at the top levels of technology maturity. With this picture in mind, we’ve developed a fourteen-point model to quickly and accurately calculate your firm’s Technology Operational Maturity Level (T-OML), and to identify your top priorities for improvement. This is one of the primary tools featured in our Founder & CEO’s recent book, The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change. Not only can we use this model help establish your baseline, but we can methodically elevate your maturity to help your firm outpace your competitors and thrive in a saturated marketplace.
Calculate your firm’s Technology Operational Maturity Level - Optimal Network
Calculate your firm’s Technology Operational Maturity Level - Optimal Network
Our Process - Optimal Network
Our model assesses your firm’s technology maturity based on how you handle everything from security to processes to key software to decision making to governance to vendor management to client interaction. When we take all fourteen traits together, we can quickly and accurately calculate how operationally mature your firm is when it comes to technology. From there, the model also functions as a roadmap to either elevate your maturity, or a process to maintain your standing as technology evolves.

Maturity Benchmarking

Our model will identify and quantify how your firm stacks up against leaders in your industry. There are just three levels of maturity: low (1), medium (2), and high (3). Firms that have reached medium to high T-OML for each of the fourteen traits are best positioned to shift their focus toward harnessing technology to increase their competitive advantage. Firms that exhibit low maturity in any of these foundational areas will need to make some changes before that is within reach.
If you feel like you don’t know what you don’t know with technology, this is the tool for you.
Maturity Benchmarking - Optimal Network
Keep Your Firm Stacks Up Against Your Compitior - Optimal Network
Keep Your Firm Stacks Up Against Your Compitior - Optimal Network
Methodical Progress - Optimal Network

Methodical Progress

Besides providing your baseline, our model serves as a prioritized roadmap for climbing higher in your overall maturity. Our CIO Consultants—who have decades of combined experience leading internal IT teams in DC law firms—can help map your firm’s specific priorities, assign and manage resources to execute initiatives with minimal disruption, get firm-wide buy-in for investments, and measure the success of the changes made.
We get it: change is not easy for most law firms. Our Consultants can use their extensive experience to ease fears, eliminate obstacles, and get your firm head and shoulders above the pack.

Sustaining Success

There is, unfortunately, no finish line when it comes to technology. As advancements continue to be made at exponential rates, as cyber threats continue to evolve, as client expectations shift over time, and as the hiring landscape grows more and more competitive, the law firms that get complacent will fall behind. That’s why our model is designed to provide the structure for your firm to keep pace and continue to exceed client and employee expectations for years to come.
Sustaining Success - Optimal Network


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