What do we think 2016 will bring for the tech industry? Read what Heinan told Legal Management below:

5 Tech Predictions for 2016

By Heinan Landa
Windows 10. A car getting hacked via a zero-day exploit. Data breaches in health care. Tech news in 2015 was anything but boring.

As we look forward to the year ahead, I predict it will be another exciting one. However, instead of new technology introductions, innovations in 2016 will be characterized by technology applications — how we can imaginatively apply current technology to improve our lives. As we kick off 2016, check out some of the top technology trends you can expect to see this year.

1. Go-Go Gadet Car:
In September, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is building an electric car code-named “Project Titan” and is tripling its automotive engineering staff with a plan to introduce the vehicle in 2019. This announcement came on the heels of the news that Google had hired a “car guy,” John Krafcik (who worked for Toyota, General Motors, Ford and Hyundai), to improve upon Google’s self-driving car. And then there is Tesla. This company has re-conceptualized the car — from completely innovating the interior car console design to changing the way you buy. This will be the year of the high-tech car; we will see more tech giants getting into the car race and more car giants getting into the tech race. Gas, knobs, buttons, traditional gear shifts and more will soon be replaced.
2. Cybersecurity Gets Personal:
We’ve all read extensively about increasing security and data threats and the advancing capabilities of hackers and cyberterrorists. Most strategic organizations know what they need to do to protect their businesses from a breach. But when technology begins to infiltrate all aspects of our lives, cybersecurity gets personal. Case in point: In July 2015, a writer for Wired magazine took a Jeep Cherokee out for a drive on a major highway and was hacked. He had, in fact, volunteered to be the hackers’ crash-test dummy, so nothing happened to the driver. But take a moment and think about the implications of giving a wireless hacker access to thousands of vehicles — if someone across the country could control your engine, transmission and brakes. Now take that (appropriate) terror and apply it to another scenario: hackers getting into the system that wirelessly controls your home, from the temperature to the lights to the locks. That’s why 2016 will be the year of personal security innovations.
3. You Win(dows) Some, You Lose Some:
Just one month after its release, 75 million users downloaded Windows 10. In 2016, we will see even wider adoption; this will become the operating system of choice. However, Office 2016 is a different story. Because Microsoft didn’t leverage its marketing platform quite so effectively for Office 2016, the adoption rate has been slower. In 2016, as more users switch to Windows 10, more users will adopt Office 2016.
4. RIP File Server:
While 2015 could be renamed “the year the email server died,” 2016 will become known for the death of the file server. As cloud computing options increase and the majority of organizations have gotten used to email in the cloud, businesses will begin moving their file management to a cloud platform. Additionally, with an enhanced focus on cybersecurity, organizations are eager to rid themselves of file security responsibility and shift this heavy weight to a trusted cloud provider.
5. Gaming Consoles Go Mainstream:
This year will see the continued evolution of the gaming console. Take Microsoft’s Xbox One, for example. It now has more apps that are not gaming-related than it does apps associated with games. As this trend continues, these consoles will eventually become the center of our entertainment universe. Play a game, watch a show or work in an app — all from one device. This is the year we see integration innovation — new ways to deliver a comprehensive experience.
Last Word
It’s official: We are approaching a way of daily life that 10 years ago we would have pronounced science fiction. While companies will put more functions into the cloud and slowly come on board with Office 2016 this year, 2016 will really be defined by repurposing current technological innovations for new applications. Although there will be no novel products, we will be wowed by how technologies we are used to are being dramatically reimagined across industries. This will be a year of growth, creativity and mind-blowing reconceptualizations for consumers and businesses in almost every industry.


Heinan Landa is the Chief Executive Officer of Optimal Networks, Inc., a Rockville, Maryland-based IT company that works with CEOs to provide comprehensive and strategic IT support, management, and consulting services.

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