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ALA Feature: Comprehensive Threat Protection for Law Firms

The Anatomy of Comprehensive Cyber Threat Protection for Law Firms by Heinan Landa / Founder & CEO / Optimal Networks, Inc.   You deposited the cashier’s check and released the funds from your client trust account immediately. According to their emails, your client was in quite a hurry, and was

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How to Test a Disaster Recovery Plan for Law Firms

Disasters can be, well, even more disastrous to law firms because their responsibility to protect client data does not dissipate post-disaster. In fact, former ABA President Steve Zack was quoted as saying, “They [law firms] must represent the client competently and diligently, safeguard client’s property, and maintain client confidentiality and

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How to Test a Disaster Recovery Plan for Associations (Trade/Professional)

According to the ESG Research Review Data Protection Survey from Enterprise Strategy Group, 53% of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before experiencing significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact. Of those that experience a significant business interruption, 30 percent never recover. This is especially alarming data

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