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How to Build an Effective Business Continuity Plan

There’s a budding misconception that the prevalence of cloud computing has brought about the obsolescence of business continuity planning. We’ve been in the IT industry since before the internet was a thing and we’ve been preaching the benefits of cloud computing since we had to define what “the cloud” even

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Why You Need an (Updated) Acceptable Use Policy

As we’ve been speaking with clients and prospects about their cybersecurity posture we’ve learned that many don’t have an updated Acceptable Use Policy at their organization. In our 33 years of experience we’ve seen first-hand how something as simple as one policy document can do wonders to unify an organization

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Top 5 IT Considerations When Starting Your New Law Firm

We’ve recently had the pleasure of helping several law firms and consulting firms split off from one entity to form a new, growing entity of their own. While there are many technology problems we love to solve for our clients, being the team to design, build, standardize, secure, and support

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Master Employee Onboarding with Thoughtful IT: Top 6 Tips

Prefer to absorb content through webinars? Register for our session with UST Education on March 6th Picture this: You’ve found the perfect hire for your organization. The hiring process went smoothly, you’re excited for them to join the team, and they’re excited to get started. Their start date rolls around

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