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MSP vs. MSSP vs. CISO – Who is responsible for cybersecurity?

Between the volume of abbreviations in technology and the scope of cybersecurity, it’s easy to lose track of who is responsible for what when it comes to keeping your data protected and your reputation intact. As is the nature of leadership, your organization’s top executive (CEO, ED, etc.) is ultimately

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How to Get Buy-In for Cybersecurity Investments

There’s not a technology initiative under the sun that will be successful without buy-in. We’ve seen this first-hand over the three decades we’ve been in the IT service industry. Something else we’ve seen more than a few times: No matter how frightening cybersecurity statistics get, your leadership doesn’t think anything

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How to Streamline Your Communication Tools

There was a time when you needed a variety of tools to communicate in the office. One for video conferences, another for phones, another for text, another for fax, another for webinars, and — oh yeah — physical phones too. That’s multiple vendors that you are paying each month, and

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