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Associations Now Feature: Cybersecurity Tips for Executives

As originally published in Associations Now, May 14, 2019.   Top 10 Security Tips Every Association Executive Needs to Know You need not be a security expert to bolster your association’s security posture. In fact, the single most effective way to keep your data secure isn’t any sophisticated technical defense

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How to Test a Disaster Recovery Plan for Associations (Trade/Professional)

According to the ESG Research Review Data Protection Survey from Enterprise Strategy Group, 53% of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before experiencing significant revenue loss or other adverse business impact. Of those that experience a significant business interruption, 30 percent never recover. This is especially alarming data

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What are the Top Cybersecurity Threats to Nonprofits?

Reputation is everything to a nonprofit organization—and a data breach can destroy a reputation in one fell swoop. That’s why, time and again, our lengthy list of nonprofit clients asks us what they should be doing to better protect themselves—and what, exactly, they should be protecting themselves against. These are

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