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How Virtual Desktops Give Outsourcing A Whole New Meaning

Outsourcing your technology support is nothing new. In fact, some argue (not unfairly) that traditional IT services are a commodity at this point. But just as technology itself has made incredible strides over the past few decades, outsourcing is also evolving in ways that can eliminate the need to manage

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Does Your Business Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

We’ve all heard about the various security measures our businesses should have in place to defend against cyberattack. We know this is something we need to invest both time and money into if we want to remain safe. We know what we’re supposed to do before a potential breach… but

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Will Your Remote Workers Cost You Thousands in Overtime?

There’s some trouble lurking beneath all this remote access technology. Thanks to advancements in cloud computing and solutions like virtual desktops, it’s increasingly easy for us to “work anywhere.” This level of mobility has serious appeal across industries – attorneys can bill from a cabin in the woods, caregivers can

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