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Why The Cloud Might Not Be Right For Your Long-Time Employees

Deciding to abandon your company’s entire on-site infrastructure in favor of a cloud-based environment is no quick and easy process. Besides weighing the big-picture costs and benefits to your business, it’s also critical to consider the individual personalities inside your company and how they’ll receive this kind of transition. Will

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Key Elements of Proper IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

An important part of IT asset management is recognizing when a piece of hardware is no longer suitable for regular use within your organization. When that’s the case, there are a few common ways you can let go of your old electronics, or, you can employ an IT asset disposition

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Is the Cloud Secure?

It’s very common for organizations to avoid cloud computing out of legitimate concern for their data’s safety. “What if someone gains access to my environment?” “Since it’s not in my control, what if something goes wrong?” “Wouldn’t my data be more susceptible to cyberattack?” Indeed, there are many pervasive misconceptions

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