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Will IT Speed and Storage Ever Max Out?

Moore’s Law suggests that the processing power and speed of computers double approximately every two years. So far, this theory has held true. However, will our ability to enhance the performance of our devices last forever? Or will we eventually max out?

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Do I Need to Renew My Firewall Service and Support?

Nearly one million forms of malware are released each and every day. That’s almost 700 threats per minute. You need only browse to a certain website and your machine (and, by extension, your network) could become infected with damaging malware. This is why firewalls are so important. Your firewall is

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What to Consider When Selecting a Hosted Email Provider

  These days, finding a hosted email provider is far from difficult. Heck, your local church can probably host your email—that’s how common this service has become. Each and every provider will tell you about the same thing about their services, too: we’ll provide you with hosted Microsoft Exchange, setup

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Putting Accounting Software in the Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become key to the operations of many small and mid-sized businesses. CRM and sales/marketing applications are the top types of software to find in the cloud. But what about accounting software?

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2/17/2016 Chris Abel Talks Healthcare Tech with Accountable Care News

As America’s senior citizen population continues to rise, healthcare providers are faced with a growing list of questions about their capacity to provide quality care and remain competitive. Chris Abel, our Manager of Consulting Services, joins Accountable Care News to explain why strategic technology guidance will dictate the future of home healthcare

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