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What to Consider Before Upgrading a Desktop OS

Whenever a desktop (or server) operating system upgrade starts making headlines, the questions start flooding into our outsourced IT firm before we can blink: “Should we upgrade?” Upgrade projects are no small feat, so a question like this is not one that can be answered with a simple “yes” or

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Should My Small Business Upgrade to Windows 10?

  We’ve all heard about it by now—Microsoft has released Windows 10, and everyone wants to know whether or not they should make the leap (and if so, when). Already we’ve seen reports that 75% of businesses plan to adopt Windows 10 in the first two years of its release,

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Will the Cloud Save My Law Firm Money?

When it comes to cloud computing, providers tend to harp on the idea of mind-blowing cost savings in their promotional material. In fact, this notion has saturated the IT landscape to the point where many firms will reflexively equate “cloud” with “cheap,” even if they’ve never actively explored a cloud

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How Much Does Disaster Recovery Cost?

So you have a solid backup and disaster recovery solution in place. You’re investing over $1,000 each month in this service, you’ve tested it, and you’re confident that your business would recover quickly and seamlessly in the event of a catastrophe. But if a disaster really were to strike… how

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The Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin

Wondering what the heck “bitcoins” are, and how they might begin playing a larger role in the corporate world? Read Heinan’s piece in the American City Business Journals to learn more about how bitcoins work, what the advantages and disadvantages of using them are, and whether or not we would

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