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3 Easy Steps to Improve Network Security

  Every. Single. Time. Every single time I open a news website or publication, I learn about yet another cyber-attack. Based on this, I’m not surprised that a recent Symantec study found that 40% of cyber-attacks are against organizations with fewer than 500 employees. And, according to the National Cyber

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How to Test a Disaster Recovery Plan for Small Businesses

  Forrester data from March 2015 shows that 63% of SMBs, globally, consider purchasing or upgrading their disaster recovery or business continuity capabilities to be a high or critical priority. Top drivers behind the need to improve disaster recovery capabilities are regulatory and legal pressures (38%), fiduciary responsibility to various

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How to Safely Share Passwords

  Recently, we published an article detailing the key elements of a successful password policy. With the increasing frequency (and severity) of cyberattacks, this is a hot-button issue. No matter how strong your passwords may be, however, you won’t be protected from much of anything if they find their way

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How to Test a Disaster Recovery Plan for Law Firms

Disasters can be, well, even more disastrous to law firms because their responsibility to protect client data does not dissipate post-disaster. In fact, former ABA President Steve Zack was quoted as saying, “They [law firms] must represent the client competently and diligently, safeguard client’s property, and maintain client confidentiality and

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