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What are the Best Ways to Prevent Malware for Small Business?

Frightening facts: A recent Symantec study found that 40% of cyber-attacks are against organizations with fewer than 500 employees. And, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance, one in five small businesses falls victim to cybercrime each year. Of those, some 60% go out of business within six months after

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How Much Does Video Conferencing Cost for Business?

Today’s workforce is ultra-mobile—so much so that CIO magazine recently ran a piece on “19 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Needs of the Modern Mobile Workforce” (you may or may not find a familiar name in #17). Just think: when was the last time your entire staff was in

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Can Dropbox Replace a File Server? (Video)

We all know what Dropbox is. It’s that handy little blue box icon that conveniently stores all of our files across all of our devices and has made USB drives a distant memory. It’s easy to use, and the interface is both attractive and operationally seamless. In a previous article,

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