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What do all these cloud terms mean?

There are a lot of buzzwords flying around these days.  While every industry has its fair share of jargon, technology tends to have just about as many acronyms and strange-sounding terms as the government. And, since everyone (no really, everyone) is affected by technology, clarifying all these terms becomes all

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1/17/14 Legal Management Feature’s Heinan’s 2014 Predictions

Technology is an ever-evolving industry, so what’s in store for 2014? Read what Heinan told Legal Management below: 2014 Tech Predictions and Opinions By Heinan Landa In 2013 we saw the creation of the laptop/tablet hybrid, more iterations of the iPhone and several mergers. Countless articles were written about the

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How Can I Keep All My Mobile Devices Charged?

Whenever I fly or am on the road and in client and prospect meetings all day, I find myself asking that very same question. I have an iPhone, iPad, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth keyboard, a laptop, and a Bluetooth mouse—none of which can keep their charge for a full 8-10 hour

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