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12/19/2013 ALA Currents Features Heinan’s 2014 Tech Predictions

In their December 19, 2013 issue, ALA Currents shared Heinan’s tech predictions for 2014.  Read the full Special Feature below! 2014 Tech Predictions and Opinions By Heinan Landa In 2013 we saw the creation of the laptop/tablet hybrid, more iterations of the iPhone and several mergers. Countless articles were written about

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Apple vs Android: Which is Really Better?

Even though BlackBerry is still (technically, barely) alive, and even though Windows has finally crossed into the mobile market with Windows 8, the fiercest battle on the phone front is still between two primary parties: Apple and Android. So, what’s the big difference? Aren’t all smartphones basically the same thing?

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Can IT Increase Productivity?

Whether I’m at a networking event, sitting down with clients, or talking with a prospect, I spend a lot of my time surrounded by executives. While this is certainly a diverse bunch, I feel that it’s fair to make one generalization: executives love productive employees. And it makes sense—more and more,

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