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6/13 Heinan Talks BYOD Policies With Legal Management

What should your BYOD policy include? In the June 2013 issue of Legal Management, Heinan talks about what your organization’s BYOD policy should include to protect your data–and your company. Read the article (reprinted with permission from Legal Management magazine, Volume 32, Issue 4, published by the Association of Legal Administrators) below.   Attachments:

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Windows Surface Tablet: A Story of Love and Hate

I was so excited. Right after its release at the end of October, I had secured a Windows Surface Tablet. Touted as the business user’s device, I was immediately enamored. It was sleek, beautiful, and seemed to be the first real alternative to the iPad style of tablet computing. It

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The ABCs of IT: A Guide to IT Acronyms

It’s no surprise that one of the few professional industries named by an acronym is also defined by them. The field of Information Technology, more commonly known as IT, is rife with acronymic jargon. And, in an effort to minimize the head-scratching we’ve put together the following translation tool for

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