Will Sloppy IT Cost You Talent?


There is a link between technology and employee engagement.

But let’s be real: Are you ACTUALLY at risk of losing talent due to a poorly architected or supported IT environment?

As our businesses become more dependent on technology, our employees require — AND EXPECT — a higher-level IT environment. While you are not likely to lose talent over sloppy IT alone, it can absolutely contribute to employee disengagement that results in attrition.

Here are a few of the most common consequences of sloppy IT:

  1. Planting Doubt. If new hires come on board to missing or damaged equipment, slow systems, or improper access, they’ll immediately start to question what else your company can’t get right. Sloppy IT leaves a lasting impression — and not a good one.
  2. Exacerbating Frustrations. If your team can’t use the tools at their disposal due to tech issues or insufficient training, their jobs become harder, and stress increases exponentially. If this becomes constant, it sends the message that you don’t value their work.
  3. Stunting Opportunities. If top performers see tech-savvy competitors winning more deals, keeping clients and employees happier, and scaling effortlessly, they may feel stifled. Combine this with any other perceived deficiencies (management, pay, advancement opportunities, etc.) and the risk of attrition becomes high.

Put simply: If everything else in your organization is 100% perfect, you probably won’t lose talent purely due to your IT systems. But if there’s already a kink in the armor, not getting something as fundamental as technology right for your team could very well push employees over the edge.


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