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Re-Entry Roundtable Series

Navigating HR for Hybrid Teams

July 23rd with Kathy Albarado

A transition to hybrid work environments promises new flexibility for our teams, but also introduces new questions:

  • What conversations do we need to have around vaccinations?
  • What benefits and policies make most sense for a hybrid workforce?
  • What steps can we take to prevent burnout?
  • How do we know if our people are (and stay) engaged?

To answer these questions and more, Optimal Networks is thrilled to host a roundtable discussion with human resources expert Kathy Albarado.

Kathy Albarado is Founder and CEO of Helios HR, an award-winning HR outsourcing, consulting and recruiting firm that has helped organizations ranging from star-ups to the Fortune 500 enhance their corporate culture and thrive as the result. An Alumni of GMU, Kathy holds her B.S. in Psychology and her M.A. in Human Resource Management.

After offering her expert advice on key best practices, she will answer any and all questions you have.

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Friday, August 27th at 12:30 EST

Delighting Your Clients from Anywhere: How to Master Hybrid Work

ABA Continuing Legal Education Webinar

How to best engage and collaborate with clients, engage and collaborate with coworkers, maximize productivity with both technology and thoughtful scheduling, and keep privileged information safe from anywhere.

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On-Demand Webinars

Evolution of Cybersecurity: How to hurdle and ever-rising bar (Feb 2021)

The latest developments in the threat landscape, examples of sophisticated long-con scams, which defenses are now bare minimum, how to realistically keep pace.

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Employee Migration: Risks & benefits of workforce relocation (Dec 2020)

The opportunities this presents to employers, risks to consider (and mitigate) at the HR and IT levels, how to best support a permanently dispersed team

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Document Collaboration: Why it matters, how to do it well (Oct 2020)

The practical and emotional benefits of effective collaboration, risks of not having a defined solution, how to promote company-wide adoption.

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Keys to implementing and adopting new technologies (July 2020)

How to promote adoption of new collaboration tools to maximize efficiency, productivity, and engagement.

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Keeping employees safe, secure and productive as we reopen (June 2020)

How to balance sensitive HR, IT, and financial responsibilities amidst a pandemic and recession.

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Preparing for Re-Entry: Supporting a flexible workforce (May 2020)

How work arrangements will change, signs you aren’t yet prepared, and the most viable technology setups to maximize security and productivity.

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How to keeping a widely dispersed team engaged (April 2020)

How telework impacts engagement, strategies to deliver a digital culture, and how to maintain alignment.

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A deep dive into keeping data secure from home (April 2020)

A rapid-fire security training session to empower your team to identify and avoid the latest threats.

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The 2020 Effect: Paradigm shift, or just a blip? (Jan 2021)

6 major ways our businesses changed over the course of 2020, which of these changes will stick, and how to prepare (today) for the resulting landscape.

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Zoomed Out! Navigating digital fatigue and employee engagement (Nov 2020)

What new challenges video conferencing introduces, how to adapt your approach to meet individual needs, concrete guidelines to consider

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Home Offices: How to set every employee up for success (Sept 2020)

How working from home puts you at risk, considerations from tech, HR, and financial perspectives, brass tacks recommendations on your IT setup.

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Financial Fraud & Cyberattacks: Keeping your money safe (June 2020)

Current threats to your network, how digital fraudsters exploit holes in your IT security to defraud you and your customers, best practices to prevent cyber fraud.

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When Culture Goes Digital: Reshaping your approach to engagement (June 2020)

Tools to help replicate benefits of in-person communication, strategies for promoting team interaction, and what you can NOT expect when it comes to digital cultures.

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Taking business continuity off the back burner (May 2020)

What the pandemic taught us, contingencies to prepare for, and top 5 business continuity best practices.

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Sustaining productive remote work for the long haul (April 2020)

Creating effective home offices, enhancing remote work capabilities, and key policy changes to consider.

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