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Worried about getting blindsided by technology? We help our clients navigate this ever-changing landscape with ongoing, personalized technology trend briefings.
We surveyed our clients and prospects to find out their biggest IT pain points. Know what we found? It was anxiety about “what’s next” when it comes to technology. CXOs were worrying about how to digest and analyze all of the new technology out there—and how to decide if it was worth implementing for their organization.

We took that information—and our already forward-thinking approach to business technology—and developed spotON.

spotON is a look ahead at the most important business technology trends affecting executives, created to help you navigate—and anticipate—the continually-changing business IT environment.

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Which Of Today’s Trends
Are Most Likely to Affect Your Business

Home Offices

As we shifted to working remotely, our businesses suddenly became responsible for the performance and security of dozens of individual home networks.
How does working from home put your corporate reputation at stake? What should you consider from technology, HR, and financial perspectives? What should each person’s IT setup look like?


While many had been slow to adopt digital document collaboration, necessity pushed us into what is often a motley collection of tools not aligned with best practices.
What are the practical and emotional benefits of effective collaboration? What are the risks of not having one defined solution? How can you promote company-wide adoption of your chosen platform?

Digital Fatigue

Video conferences are a useful alternative, but an excess of meetings can lead to exhaustion and disengagement even with more extroverted employees.
How has the nature of employee engagement changed? What new challenges does video conferencing introduce? What concrete guidelines does your leadership need to consider?

Employee Migration

With the pandemic cutting ties to our physical offices, employees are reevaluating where they live, and employers are reevaluating the need for local talent.
What opportunities does an employee migration present to employers? What risks should you consider (and mitigate) at the HR and IT levels? How can you best support a permanently dispersed team?

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