Tips and tools to keep your data, your firm, and your people secure.

Deep Dive into Teleworking Securely

To help provide your organization with some clarity and comfort during an already unnerving time, we’ve put together a 30-minute security training session that will empower your team to identify the latest threats and safely avoid them.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How teleworking changes the nature of security
  • How scammers are exploiting heightened fear and anxiety
  • What common vulnerabilities you need to audit for
  • How to manage adoption of these strategies and tools from afar

We encourage you to share this recording with your entire organization as mandatory awareness training.

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Security Awareness Training for Law Firms

When it comes to protecting your privileged client data, leaving any stone unturned can expose your law firm to significant risk.

In this 50-minute webinar recording, we’ll walk you through:

  • Why security matters (and what’s at stake)
  • Best practices your firm should consider
  • The top threats to your firm
  • Top 10 tips to identify and avoid social engineering scams

This video is intended for a non-technical audience, and can serve as introductory security awareness training for all of your attorneys and staff.

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Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

When your systems get hacked, you could lose critical company data, be exposed to legal risks, suffer damage to your reputation, and worse.

How do your current security measures stack up against best practices? Our assessment will evaluate the key elements of a proper security strategy:

  1. Technical Defenses
  2. Awareness Training
  3. Regular Risk Assessment and Remediation
  4. Policy Creation
  5. Cyber Liability Insurance

Find your baseline reading in under 30 minutes.

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