Grow Law Firm Podcast: De-Risking Your Firm

This February Heinan was invited to join Sasha Berson and the Grow Law Firm Podcast.

Heinan shares how rewarding it is for law firms to embrace technology and the growing importance of taking care of the security side of the business. Topics include:

  • The technology operational maturity model Heinan shares in his book, “The Modern Law Firm.”
  • The importance of benchmarking yourself in security and operations but also innovation and client interaction.
  • How technology is not simply a cost but rather an investment.
  • How to find ways to use technology to improve the client experience, which will result in more business.
  • The importance of tracking your data so you can make better decisions in your optimization process.
  • The 2 primary lines of business Optimal Networks provides: managed services provider and strategic consulting.

Watch the full episode below!

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