Optimal Networks

SharkPreneur Podcast with Seth Greene: IT Department in a Box

As originally aired January 2, 2022

Heinan Landa founded Optimal Networks in 1991. The goal? Build a technology services company that would not only provide its clients with mind-blowing results, but have serious fun doing so. We’d say it worked out well.

Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Heinan Landa about Optimal Networks, your IT department in a box.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • How technology continues to change quickly and to thrive you need to stay up to date
  • How Optimal Networks will take you through all your IT challenges.
  • Why it’s important to have a strong, values base culture at your company,
  • How Optimal Networks is in business to give you the best IT results for your business.
  • Why having a particular niche to serve can help with your company’s success.

Listen to the full episode here!

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