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The LeX Factor Podcast: Presenting the Technological Approach for Law Firms

As originally aired on the LeX Factor Podcast December 30, 2020

Presenting the Technological Approach for Law Firms

with Heinan Landa | Optimal Networks, Inc.

Lexicon Brand Manager Lauren Hoffmann and Chief Information Officer Brad Paubel host The LeX Factor, A Lawfully Good Podcast.

They are joined by Heinan Landa, the founder and CEO of Optimal Networks Inc., a globally-ranked IT services firm, and author of “The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technology Change.”

The panel talks about Heinan’s recent article in “Law Technology Today,” regarding the leveraging of technology in the client experience and how law firms need to utilize this ability in an active and deliberate way. Heinan highlights why utilizing responsiveness, expertise, results, and innovation in your client services are necessary elements of shifting your focus toward technology.

Heinan explains why it is vital that your marketing presence to be consistent with your company’s reputation and how law firms he has worked with have succeeded by leaning into the technological approach.

Listen to the podcast here!

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