Who We Serve

Law Firms

Client Success Story

Before he joined the Optimal team as one of our Senior Consultants, Frank Schipani was our client for over a decade! We partnered with Frank's internal IT teams at two different DC law firms. Here's his story.

Problems We Solve

Our approach is to focus our efforts on solving business problems and provide tangible, measureable results to your firm. Although we can’t solve every technology-related business problem that law firms encounter, and we aren’t always the best match to take care of your firm, we do excel in the following situations:

You don’t know if your client data is vulnerable to prying eyes, terminated employees, or even overbearing eDiscovery laws – and if your firm is therefore at risk of legal action.

Your firm is struggling to support remote and highly mobile workers, which impacts your ability to bill from anywhere, and to attract and retain new associates.

Your Managing Partner or Firm Administrators is wasting their time trying to oversee technical people (internal or external) rather than advancing firm growth.

We Wrote the Book on Legal Technology

Increasingly rapid advances in technology have radically changed everything about the way law firms operate—from attracting and retaining clients, to researching relevant case law, collaborating with colleagues, and filing documents.

With competition coming not just from other traditional law firms but also from online legal services, it’s more important than ever to differentiate your firm in a crowded marketplace.

In his book The Modern Law Firm: How to Thrive in an Era of Rapid Technological Change Optimal Founder and CEO Heinan Landa provides your law firm with the tools to navigate this new landscape successfully, and to leverage technology for powerful competitive advantages.

Keeping Your Client Data Safe

We understand your firm is obligated to keep privileged client data safe. We also know your clients send security audits as a precursor to doing business. We can help you navigate the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with confidence

Technology Maturity Consulting


How does your firm’s maturity stack up against best practices? Against your competitors?

We’ve developed a 14-point Technology Operational Maturity Model specifically for law firms, which calculates your firm’s baseline and offers a prioritized long-term roadmap for your technology.


Are We the Right Fit?

We’re not the best match for all law firms. See if our approach resonates with you.