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We surveyed our clients and prospects to find out their biggest IT pain points. Know what we found? It was anxiety about “what’s next” when it comes to technology. CXOs were worrying about how to digest and analyze all of the new technology out there—and how to decide if it was worth implementing for their organization.

We took that information—and our already forward-thinking approach to business technology—and developed spotON.

spotON is a look ahead at the most important business technology trends affecting executives, created to help you navigate—and anticipate—the continually-changing business IT environment.

Which of today’s trends are most likely to affect your business?

File (Mis-)Management

While cloud-based file-sharing solutions are convenient, they’re putting many organizations at serious risk of data loss, security breach, compliance violations, and more.

Why has file management become such a challenge? Why is this new normal so scary for your organization? How can we regain control of our company data?

Password Managers

We’ve reached the point where asking our staff to manage passwords for corporate accounts on their own is (a) asking too much, and (b) asking for trouble.

Why isn’t a password policy enough anymore? What’s at stake if we stick with the status quo? Which platform is best for business use and why?

Laptop Takeover

Many organizations have landed on laptops as their device of choice. This makes good sense, but also introduces new challenges with management and security that are often overlooked.

Why are laptops increasingly becoming the corporate go-to? How is this trend threatening our data? How can we best mitigate these risks going forward?

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