Why Optimal?

Our Philosophy

We’re here to solve your business problems through thoughtful technology recommendations and white-glove support, and to make a measurable impact on your organization – not just your technology.

Our Approach

We aren’t content being your technology vendor.

We strive to be your business partner, and a resource you can rely on to reach that next phase in your development.

Our approach revolves around two core elements:


team-icon-blue Results

We’ll work together to map out the results that matter to you, design your solution around those goals, and measure our progress toward achieving them. You’ll see very clearly what sort of impact we’re making on your organization.

team-icon-blue Accountability

We’ll have a shared definition of success, which means there’s no question as to whether we’re headed in the right direction. We’ll both be able to hold our team accountable for your desired outcomes, and make quick adjustments if we veer off-track.


Ultimately, we’re here to fuel your mission, and to demonstrate exactly how we’re doing so in a clear, quantifiable manner.

Featured Client Success Story

Frank Schipani, Director of IT and Operations at Three Crowns LLP and an Optimal client for over a decade, shares how our partnership helps him sleep better at night.

The 3 Levels of Technology

Some technology firms will try to force-fit their clients into whichever service model they’re able to provide.


Since our solutions run the gamut from traditional managed services to high-end cloud services, we can be responsive to our clients’ needs and seamlessly guide them from one model to another.


This comes in handy when you consider the 3 main levels of technology:


3 Levels of Technology


Level 1 – Effective

At this stage, your technology works, and you’re responding to issues when they arise.

Level 2 – Enhanced

This level introduces a level of proactive attention. Instead of reacting to problems as they arise, you begin planning to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Level 3 – Engaged

Here your technology is actively supporting and accelerating your business objectives. Your staff is free to be productive and collaborate from anywhere.


Where is your organization today?
Where would you like it to be?


As a firm, we’ve experienced increased productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in Optimal’s cloud.

Pat Finnan

Managing Partner, Finnan, Edell, Shapiro & Finnan

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My wife and I were driving up I-95, and I was using the Optimal system via a hotspot -- and as far as anyone could tell, it was just like I was in my office. I had complete and secure access to our entire system -- at 70 miles per hour!

Chris David

Partner, Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, PL

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Healthcare is changing at a faster rate than it has since my family started the company in 1968. We need a trusted technology partner looking out for our best interests in this volatile market space

Neal Kursban

President, Family & Nursing Care

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I can now focus on the human resources, operations, and marketing initiatives necessary to move the firm’s growth plans forward.

Nikki Korson

Firm Administrator, Edell, Shapiro, & Finnan

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We can now focus on our core mission and how technology supports it, rather than worrying about the technology itself.

Chief Financial Officer

40-person association

I’m confident that the ultra-secure environment we envisioned has been realized with Optimal’s guidance.

Suzanne Page

COO, Longeveron LLC

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Our revenue has already increased and there is no limit to the amount of people who can benefit from this product now.

Brian Hammrich

President, HIS Sign, LLC

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In order for the IT team to leverage technology to help the firm grow, we need to engage with the business side of the firm, which takes time. Having a company like Optimal to run our day-to-day technology allow my team and me to understand the firm’s needs from a business perspective and utilize the technology accordingly.

Frank Schipani

IT Director, Gilbert, LLP

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