Why Optimal

Our Philosophy

We’re here to solve your business problems through thoughtful technology recommendations and white-glove support, and to make a measurable impact on your organization – not just your technology.

What Makes Us Different

Vertical Expertise

We’ve segmented our company into two industry-specific Client Action Teams: one for law firms and professional services firms, the other for 501(c)(3) nonprofits and trade associations. This allows your engineers and account managers to immerse themselves in the technologies you use, how you work, and what matters to you.

anatomy of comprehensive support

To be truly comprehensive, technology support needs to address three distinct tiers:

The top tier is strategic guidance to continually move your technology forward in alignment with your business goals, evolving security regulations, and industry best practices. Our CIO Consulting services do just this.

Proactive service demands procedures to prevent issues before they affect your operations. Our prescheduled engineering visits, Quarterly Business Reviews, and project methodology are a few of these procedures.

This is getting your team back to work quickly and painlessly. Our helpdesk and on-site remediation services are designed to be responsive—and to keep your team in the loop with any behind-the-scenes work.

Accountability Cycle

Unfortunately, support models that sounds comprehensive on paper don’t always work out that way in reality.

To hold our team accountable to the results we’ve promised you, we’ve built the following 90-day feedback loop into our services:

Define Success

  • Map goals for the quarter
  • Establish measurements
  • Schedule next Business Review

Collect Feedback

  • Collect helpdesk issue ratings
  • Make proactive “care calls”
  • Deliver engineering check-ins
  • Chart tech maturity milestones

Measure REsults

  • Review goals and impact
  • Celebrate wins!
  • Identify new focus areas
  • Discuss current firm direction
  • Restart process with new definition of “success”

With this process we can quickly identify if we need to redirect our approach, and continue to measure our success as your partner.

Taking the Stress Out of Tech

It’s from this foundation that we deliver our high-touch, white-glove technology support services. Learn more about our fixed-price support platform here.