Well, it’s fun. And stimulating. And there are a variety of personal and professional growth opportunities. You’ll never dread Monday morning again.

Current Openings


You’re continually challenged

Because no client ever has identical network problems or business goals, not only are you constantly researching new technology solutions to meet their needs, but you are also learning about a variety of industry business models along the way

You get to be creative

Creativity is a concept foreign to most “techies” in other environments. Here, it is key to our success.

You’re continually challenged

You’re surrounded by good people who know exceptional service Because our employees live by our values, as a member of the Optimal team, you are surrounding yourself with people who tell the truth, do the right thing and are committed to making every interaction a positive and productive one

Our Culture

For nearly 3 decades we’ve been building and refining a culture that even Forbes Magazine thinks is a little… unconventional (especially for a technology firm). With almost a dozen local and national Workplace Excellence Awards and a top ethics award under our belt, we take our people and our environment very, very seriously.

A team that is happy and engaged is going to provide its clients with the absolute best service.

We’re about helping people in the best possible way, and delivering the kind of support that our competitors wish they could match.


We strive to hire only the best talent, and only those who share our Core Values.
Here’s what our process looks like:

Step 1

Send us your résumé! We’ll read and evaluate it to see if your experience and desires match our vision for the role.

Step 2

Then, you’ll take a phone screen — a very different one from those you may have taken before.

Step 3

Next, you’ll take a Practical Exam to demonstrate your skillset. For engineering positions, this is a 2-hour application of your technical know-how.

Step 4

Meet with us next! We’ll talk about your past, present, and future to figure out together if this is the right opportunity for you.

Step 5

Last stop is chatting with our leadership. Check out our Team page here to “meet” them!

Step 6

Congratulations!! You just became the newest Optimalite!