How a 50-person law firm overcame inefficient technology and bloated costs

Client Success Story: Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC

When Quinton Bowman assumed his role as COO of Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC in 2020, he quickly realized that the firm was investing heavily in its Information Technology (IT)—but getting marginal performance at best in return.


For attorneys and staff at WMC ‘tech’ was very much an ongoing challenge. Their work was often disrupted by outages on an individual and system-wide basis, and something as simple as a conference call left them juggling a confusing collection of useful but redundant tech tools.

As the head of firm operations, Quinton saw clearly how far-reaching the impact of this inefficient technology was on WMC, its employees, and its clients. “We were losing a lot of billable time with IT outages. We had a near-miss on exposing confidential employee data through a phishing scam. Few, if any, had real confidence in our IT systems.”

This lack of confidence extended to their IT partners too. While WMC had support engagements, their vendors were often only able to communicate in ‘tech speak’ which made it nearly impossible for attorneys and staff to either request or receive help for their ongoing issues. Additionally, their response time was often very slow.

Quinton knew there was significant room for improvement when it came to the firm’s IT systems and support, but “didn’t have the tools to make the big change” on his own. He took action and—on the recommendation of an experienced former employee—brought Optimal Networks in to provide and wield those very tools to make IT right for the firm. 

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As of May 2023, WMC has already recovered over $60,000 annually in IT overspending with more savings on the way. With streamlined workflows and an approachable support team, attorneys now expect the firm’s IT to work for them, not against them. 

To major stakeholders it’s clear that friction between technology and operations has measurably decreased within the firm. To the average employee, the newfound stability and clarity comes as an empowering relief. 

“I don’t have to worry about something going awry – Optimal keeps me briefed,” Quinton said. “They explain to our employees what they’re doing and why. They deliver what they say they will. Optimal’s support staff has been super – always professional and always responsive.”

Instead of finding himself in direct opposition with IT, Quinton now has a trusted technology partner whose deep domain experience in the legal sector and strategic approach sets both him and the firm up for success.

“Their knowledge about law firm operations has been extraordinarily helpful. They don’t give us things we don’t need. They appreciate what our business model is. They customize solutions to our needs and translate it all into everyday language. That expertise, professionalism, and strategic approach makes them stand out. As an executive who has spent over 30 years in law organizations and several nonprofits, this is the best IT experience I’ve had.”

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