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Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph, a cutting-edge, results-driven law firm specializing in tax, compliance, and corporate law, has been an Optimal client since 2015. Here’s what Allan Joseph, Partner, has to say about our partnership.
“Before we engaged Optimal, our technology was banal and basic. We experienced incredible amounts of pain. We were in the midst of a growth spurt. Our servers in-house would stop working and when that happened the entire place shut down. Our productivity could be down for hours, if not a day or more. And that’s just not acceptable in my business.
We’re not limited by a building. We’re not limited by walls. There are no walls. We’re able to work wherever we are. I can access everything that my office can access. We’re entirely paperless and really walls no longer have any bearing in terms of our operational capacity.
Our COVID impact from a technological standpoint and the fact that we went remote, was entirely seamless. There was virtually no hiccups. And that was because we were used to it.
Talking to some of my friends who had, let’s say server based environments, they were lost. It was a catastrophe for those firms. They went dark for days if not weeks, until they were able to go and somehow call into their computer and figure out how to work there. Many people were absolutely dark and we were not.
I was very hesitant. How can you have a guy that’s going to be running the lifeblood of your company, the technology, the underpinning, the infrastructure of our company. How can you have that from somebody sitting in Washington, DC? And I was very hesitant about that.
However, as time went on, it was as if Optimal was sitting in our office all the time. There was never a moment in our relationship with Optimal, which has spanned years, where I felt that distance was a factor. I have yet to even appreciate distance as a factor. Optimal is always there, magically, whenever we need them. I view our technology today as safe, secure, and most importantly content.”

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