Comprehensive Support

Family & Nursing Care, a leading resource for private duty home care that has served seniors in the DC area for over 50 years, has been an Optimal client since 2012. Here’s what Jeff Zukerman, President, has to say about our partnership.
“At Family & Nursing Care, we have grown considerably over the past few years, and we continue to grow. And I think technology does play a pivotal role in that, we count on Optimal to help us sift through all the clutter to figure out what works, what works for us, and what works for us based on best practices that Optimal sees out in the community working with other companies.
Every time I pick up the newspaper, there’s another story about a security breach within a company in the technology world. Quite frankly, a lot of times I don’t even fully understand it.
And so, one of the things that we trust with Optimal is that they’ll break it down for us, they’ll look at our internal workings, and identify areas that we are vulnerable and help us get them fixed. And it does allow us to sleep better at night knowing that Chris Abel and the team at Optimal are looking out for our best interests and protecting us from any vulnerability that we might not even know about.
We don’t think of our IT program as this outside entity, Optimal. We actually think of Optimal as part of our family, as part of our company, part of our company culture. At one point, we had our help desk in-house, or in least partially in-house, and we found that it was cumbersome and it wasn’t simple enough for our team. So we did outsource it to Optimal and now our help desk, it’s a clean, crisp message to our team, if you’re having any issues with technology, call Optimal and they will get it fixed.
We, at Family & Nursing Care, we’re very busy. We’re very busy with the things that we do really well, and it’s such a relief to know that Optimal’s worrying about all things technology so we don’t have to.”

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