Optimal Networks

A Different Kind of Teamwork

We tell the truth, we do the right thing, and we have a lot of fun along the way.
If you were to read our Founder’s original business plan for Optimal you’d find a section dedicated to building a corporate culture that top performers flock to. This is why so many of our teammates have been here for 10, 15, and even 20 years.

We’ve Got You Secured.

It takes just a few minutes to know if hybrid work has exposed vulnerabilities in your organization.

Ryan Miller

Vice President of Operations
Ryan is one of the newest Optimalites, having joined in January 2022. Ryan has a deep history of leading MSPs in our area, and brings a process-driven perspective to our leadership team.

Joe Hodge

Director of Finance and Administration
After years as Optimal’s accountant, Joe was elevated to a much-deserved place at our executive leadership table. If you have the pleasure of working with Joe, you know everything will be “all good.”

Chris Goldberg

Director of Technical Services
Chris Goldberg joined Optimal over ten years ago as a Network Engineer. When we added our Cloud practice in 2012, Chris rose to lead that group. He now oversees ALL technical service delivery at the Director level.

Sean Coleman

Director of Sales

When it came time to blow the roof off of Optimal’s sales operations, Sean answered the call. With a background in marketing and technology, his measured approach to integrity-based sales is a perfect fit.

Chris Abel

Manager of Consulting Services
From molding our Client Service Executive role to building and leading our Strategic Consulting practice, Chris Abel has been an invaluable part of our team (and our clients’ teams!) for over 20 years.

Jennifer Fisher

SupportCenter Team Lead
Jennifer leads our team of SupportCenter Specialists with an unwavering commitment to our core values. You’ll likely find her celebrating stellar client feedback with the rest of the Optimalites.

Plamen Cheshmedjiev

Engineering Team Lead
Plamen is closing in on his ten-year anniversary with Optimal. Both our clients and our teammates admire his quiet but tenacious problem-solving skills, and thoughtful approach to, well, everything!

Andre Coleman

Vendor Relations Manager
Since joining the team in 2013, Andre has bolstered our relationships with critical industry partners. Today he also oversees one of our Client Action Teams with razor-sharp precision and wit.

Priscilla Pereyra

Client Service Executive Team Lead
Whenever Priscilla gets her hands on a task or project, we all rest easy knowing she’ll see it through to the end. She has been with us for four years, and was promoted to Team Leader in 2021.

Todd Kutschera

Client Success Manager Team Lead
Todd joined us in 2016 as the founding member of our Client Success Manager team. While he’s spent two decades in the technology industry, Todd is all business (-level results, that is!).