spotON: Technology Trends & Insights for Non-Technical Executives

spotON is a program created by feedback from you. We surveyed our clients and prospects to find out their biggest IT pain points. Know what we found? It was anxiety about “what’s next” when it comes to technology. CXOs were worrying about how to digest and analyze all of the new technology out there—and how to decide if it was worth implementing for their organization.
We took that information—and our already forward-thinking approach to business technology—and developed spotON.
spotON is a look ahead at the most important business technology trends affecting executives, created to help you navigate—and anticipate—the continually-changing business IT environment.

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Which of today’s trends are most likely to affect your business?


• Comprehensive Security •

Security is no longer just an IT issue. The current threat-heavy environment requires a paradigm shift from thinking about security in terms of firewalls, patching, and anti-virus, to thinking about security in a broader context — from remote work policies to employee training programs.
How can you protect your organization in this evolving environment?

• Millennials in the Workforce •

According to the Pew Research Center, by 2020, Millennials will make up half of the U.S. workforce. This is the first generation to grow up with smartphones, laptops, and social media. And the first generation to weigh technology — and policies and attitudes surrounding technology — when considering job opportunities and employers.
How can a refusal to listen to this growing demographic put your organization at risk?

• Windows 10 •

As of July 2016, a year after its initial release, Windows 10 is now running on 350 million devices.
Is it time for your organization to upgrade? What are the top considerations? Why now?

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