Optimal’s Founder & CEO

Almost 30 years ago, I did something kind of crazy. I stole a vacant office from my parents, hung up a self-constructed banner that read “Optimal Networks,” and called myself a business owner.

My plan: I’d build an IT services company that would not only provide its clients with mind-blowing service, but have serious fun doing so.

I had the technical know-how thanks to a BS and MS from Hopkins, I had the entrepreneurial drive thanks to an MBA from Wharton, and I really, really liked having a good time. There had to be a way to blend all of these facets together while maintaining an aggressive commitment to honesty and ethics. …Right?

Well, here we are over two decades later, over 30 people and 200 clients strong. How did it all turn out? Please turn your attention to Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and — if you’re particular about unbiased sources — Exhibit C.

While you’ll never see me claim sole credit for where Optimal is today (it was a massive team effort), you might hear me talk about how incredible it’s been to see those wild ideas jump from continuous-feed computer paper to fiercely real life.

If you want more musings, here’s where you can find my blog with the American City Business Journals.

Otherwise you’ll have to excuse me—the office griddle is ready for Friday morning breakfast.


What else I’ve been up to:

*Charter Member of the Technology Section of the ASAE
*VP & CTO of the Wharton Alumni Club of Washington, DC
*Featured in: Forbes, LegalTimes, Legal Management, ALA Currents, the ASAE’s Membership Marketer and Dollars & Cents, LAN Times, SmartCEO, The Washington Post, The Business Gazette, Consulting Magazine, Success Magazine, CIO, The Center for Association Leadership’s Executive Update, AssociationsNOW, AssociationTRENDS, Business News Daily, Chief Executive Magazine, & TechRepublic