Chief Operating Officer

David Campbell is the Chief Operating Officer at Optimal Networks.

In this role, David works closely with the CEO on strategic decisions and development and profit/loss analyses.

He also manages the organization’s client relationships, professional development opportunities, and employee retention and development programs.

David’s passion for service and thorough understanding of technology is evident in his professional history.

He was a senior support specialist at the American Red Cross and, prior to joining Optimal, was the technical relationship manager for Computer Associates.

David received his B.A. in English Literature from East Carolina University and his M.S. in Management from the University of Maryland.

He has spoken at The Entrepreneurship Institute’s annual “President’s Forum,” and is actively involved in several community organizations. Mr. Campbell is the recipient of SmartCEO’s CXO award and has contributed regularly to that publication. He is a member of the Vistage network of C-level executives and also contributes to The Common Man, Optimal’s service and technology blog.