Your executives are knee-deep in trying to manage your technical team (whether they’re internal or external), when they should be spending that time finding opportunities to grow your business.

Common Symptoms

Businesses with this problem often find themselves dealing with:


It takes so long for your IT resource to solve any problem for your staff that they’ve stopped reporting their issues altogether, and fashion bizarre workarounds just to get their job done.


You have to apply immense pressure to your IT team for them to make any real progress with your systems. Even then, you’re not sure you’re moving in the right direction.


Your executives are spending so much time keeping your IT team on track that they have to work insane hours to compensate keep their actual responsibilities on track.

How To Solve It

There are several paths forward here; you can solve this problem by:

Hiring some dedicated oversight

Some companies can get their IT team straightened out by bringing in a dedicated IT Manager or CIO to assess and manage the team more effectively than a non-technical person might. This does require another salary, but is the best option for some businesses.


Moving to outsourcing

If technology isn’t one of your core competencies, you could remove that function from your company altogether and instead outsource your IT support. If you’re worried about your IT person going rogue, just let your incoming provider know and they can take proper precautions.


Firing your IT company

There are so many IT providers out there that suffering through a poor relationship really isn’t worth it; ask your business partners for recommendations, and find yourself a firm that will take better care of your people and your business.

Need help choosing the right path?

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