You haven’t found a reliable way to give your staff remote and mobile access, or to collaborate with one another, and you’re worried that younger employees and customers will be put off by these limitations.

Common Symptoms

When we talk to businesses that are facing this problem, we hear things like:


It would be nice to have the flexibility to work from home (and to offer that benefit to candidates), but it’s so hard to get any work done that it isn’t worth trying.


Our younger employees tend to use their own tools and applications to do things that our systems just can’t do. We aren’t sure if this puts our data at risk or not.


“Snow days” can still bring our operations to a screeching halt, which is problematic when our clients still need us to take care of them.

How To Solve It

You can address this challenge in a few different ways:

Microsoft Office 365 (or similar solutions)

If your technology needs aren’t that complicated, you might do well with Microsoft Office 365, which offers some level of web-based access to keep your productive even when you’re outside of your office.


Virtual private servers

To go a little deeper into cloud computing, you could swap out your physical servers for virtual private servers that live in your provider’s datacenter. This means you won’t have to be in your office to connect to your file server or your line-of-business applications. Sometimes this works very well in conjunction with Office 365.


Virtual desktop solution

For those who have more complex systems or need the elegance of a seamless solution that offers full functionality no matter where they happen to be located, a virtual desktop solution might make the most sense. Here, your whole network is cloud-based, and you aren’t limited by your location or even the device you’re using.

Need help choosing the right path?

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