I’m confident that the ultra-secure environment we envisioned has been realized with Optimal’s guidance.

Suzanne Page

COO, Longeveron LLC

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When Longeveron LLC, a cell-based therapy company, launched operations in 2014, they were faced with the challenge of managing extremely sensitive data.


Longeveron, whose mission is to develop treatments for Frailty, MS, and Alzheimer’s, deals with intellectual property and trade secrets as a standard part of their day-to-day operations.

Without proper safeguards in place to protect their data, Longeveron risks steep fines for violating compliance regulations, a damaged reputation for mishandling this proprietary information, and even the loss of FDA approval which is critical to their success as a company.


Today, Longeveron’s operations are based in an environment that acts as a reliable foundation for their highly-specialized applications and unique security requirements. Whether their team is working from the office or from home, they can rest assured that their data is controlled and safe from harm.

The company has struck a comfortable balance between security and pragmatism, and all staff understand the necessity of each and every policy in place.

From strategic guidance to meticulous project planning, Optimal is proud to have played a role creating, implementing, and fine-tuning the environment Longeveron relies on to minimize risk and – most importantly – advance their mission.

About Longeveron, LLC

Longeveron develops safe cell-based therapeutics for age-related conditions to improve the aging process and overall quality of life, focusing on treatments for Frailty, Metabolic Syndrome, and Alzheimer’s Disease. For more, visit www.longeveron.com.


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