Your Managing Partner or Firm Administrators is wasting their time trying to oversee technical people (internal or external) rather than advancing firm growth.

Common Symptoms

We find that firms struggling with this problem will exhibit the following:


Your Firm Administrator can’t remember the last time they were able to focus on their core duties for more than a few hours before they had to stop and intervene in an IT issue.


Your Managing Partner has big plans for your firm’s future, but is so distracted by your technology that they can’t make any real forward progress.


The firm generally feels as though it’s being held hostage by its current IT support; you don’t trust them, but they have full control of your systems, so you aren’t sure what to do.

How To Solve It

You can take a few different approaches to solving this problem depending on your situation:

Hire an IT Director

If you have an internal team that isn’t performing well, one option is to bring an IT Director aboard in hopes that they’ll vet your team, get the right people in the right seats, and get your systems on a more thoughtful path forward.


Shift from insourcing to outsourcing

Other firms prefer to start fresh and move their IT function to an outsourcing model. This is a delicate process, since a disgruntled internal employee could potentially damage your systems. Many IT firms are well-versed in handling this situation, and can help minimize your risk here.


Switch outsourced providers

If it’s an outsourced team that’s giving you this trouble, it’s time to look elsewhere; there are many, many IT firms out there, so if you’ve partnered with one that isn’t the right fit for your firm, there will most certainly be a better match out there.

Need help choosing the right path?

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