Your firm is struggling to support remote and highly mobile workers, which impacts your ability to bill from anywhere, and to attract and retain new associates.

Common Symptoms

This problem can manifest in several ways:


When your attorneys are traveling, it’s a real struggle to work effectively; they find themselves unproductive and unable to bill, which stirs up a good deal of frustration at multiple levels of your firm.


As you’ve brought younger associates aboard, they seem frustrated with how your technology works. They might even be suggesting new tools, or using their own to work around your systems.


If there’s ever inclement weather, you have a hard time staying operational at all. You’ve already had some clients get upset with you for this reason.

How To Solve It

To solve this problem, your firm has a few different options:

Remote access software.

One approach is to set your attorneys up with software that connects them into their workstation (GoToMyPC, for example). This will give them access to their files and software at a low price. Some firms find this solution clunky, and it isn’t the most secure option out there.


Virtual private servers.

Another option is to opt for a virtual private server (VPS), meaning that a provider hosts your servers (including those for your DMS and time and billing package) in their datacenter. This allows your attorneys to connect into them over the internet when they’re outside the office.


Virtual desktop solution.

A third solution is a virtual desktop solution, which means your entire network (files, email, applications, and all) lives in the cloud. Your attorneys and staff have the same exact work experience, security, and functionality from anywhere. This does come with a commensurate price tag.

Need help choosing the right path?

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