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    Oct 2018

    How to Regain Control of Your Company Data

    Remember the days of having one file server that housed all of your invaluable company data in a single secure spot? Sure, there were some limitations to this technology (say, for example, only being able to access your files when you were literally seated at your desk…), but for the most part we all made…

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    Aug 2018

    What to Consider Before Shrinking (or Eliminating) Your Office Space

    On a typical day at your office, how many desks are empty? For many businesses, the answer is “enough to make me question why I’m shelling out so much cash for all this vacant square footage.” According to Global Workplace Analytics, half of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with at least…

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    Jul 2018

    Why You Probably Don’t Need to Care About Blockchain (Yet)

    Between 2014 and 2015, investors poured $800 million into blockchain startups.   The market for blockchain is expected to reach $7.7 billion by the year 2022, up from $411.5 million last year.   Today, no one can seem to stop talking about this fancy new technology that will fundamentally uproot the world as we know…

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    May 2018

    Before Taking More of Your Business to the Cloud, Don’t Overlook This Productivity Killer

    Let’s talk about your bandwidth.   Bandwidth, Heinan? Really?   Yes, really.   It’s not a particularly sexy topic, but it’s one that can have crippling effects on our productivity (and therefore our revenue) if we don’t give it proper attention.   What’s the big deal? The big deal is that businesses are increasingly going…

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    Mar 2018

    Why Personal and Work Technology Feel So Different

    Is it frustrating for you, too?   You’re at home and all your technology does exactly what you need it to do.   You check in with your family and friends over any number of social media platforms. You pop open your internet browser and have your grocery shopping finished in minutes. You update the…

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    Feb 2018

    Why Business Owners Should Turn Their Attention to LinkedIn

    I’ve predicted that LinkedIn is going to explode over the course of 2018.   As you might expect, this has gotten me a lot of raised eyebrows over the past couple months. Why LinkedIn? Why now?   Allow me to present my case.   Why LinkedIn could be so powerful for our businesses this year…

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    Jan 2018

    The Myth of the Paperless Office

    I’ve been hearing empty promises for actual decades.   Remember Wang word processors? How about WordStar?   For years and years the folks marketing these products have been dangling this nirvana of the “paperless office” in front of our faces.   No paper documents flitting about, no filing cabinets clogging up precious real estate, no…

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    Jan 2018

    Top 10 Technology Trend Predictions for 2018

    It’s that time of year again!   As we cross into 2018, what can we expect to see on the technology side of things? Here are my top 10 predictions.   10 – TVs will get smarter and way, way cheaper. Ever heard of Element Electronics brand televisions? I hadn’t either until I found that…

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    Dec 2017

    Top 3 Signs You Could Be Getting More Return on Your IT Investment

    We can’t avoid spending money on IT.   We can, however, avoid spending money on IT that isn’t properly supporting and advancing our business objectives.   Here are the top 3 signs that you aren’t getting the best value out of your IT spend.   1. Your CEO, COO, or CFO is spending an inordinate…

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    Nov 2017

    How One of the Founders of Trello is Keeping his Remote Workforce Engaged

    I recently spoke with Michael Pryor, one of the founders of Trello, about what it takes to keep a widely dispersed workforce effective, productive, and engaged.   If you don’t know about Trello yet (despite there being 25 million registered users), it’s a collaboration tool that uses moveable tiles (“cards”) much in the same way…

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