Our revenue has already increased and there is no limit to the amount of people who can benefit from this product now.

Brian Hammrich

President, HIS Sign, LLC

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HIS Sign, LLC, a sign language interpreting services provider, faced the challenge of setting an entirely remote workforce up for success.


While HIS Sign wasn’t fighting against any severe issues such as downtime or security vulnerabilities, they knew that their staff was struggling to stay connected.

If the company didn’t find a way for their widespread team to work and feel like a unified whole, they risked losing both productivity and staff morale.

They needed guidance on how to make their company more mobile, more nimble, and more capable of serving their clients.


Today, HIS Sign has been able to increase their internal efficiency and ability to collaborate, shorten their sales cycle dramatically, and bring in more (and more distant) customers than they ever had in the past.

Instead of just using technology to keep their operations running, HIS Sign has been able to harness the power of collaboration tools, changing the way their company works for the better, and accelerating their growth in ways they had not thought possible.

As CEO Brian Hammrich puts it, “Without Optimal’s dedication to our business goals, we wouldn’t have been able to grow as quickly or as efficiently and our staff turnover would not be as low as it is.”

About His Sign, LLC

HIS Sign provides American Sign Language interpreting services. Serving schools, private businesses, outpatient medical facilities, government agencies, and others, the company also offers Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services. For more, visit www.HISsign.com.

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